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Gender Bias in Songs' Lyrics

Project Lead:
Natural Lanuage Processing

Have you ever wondered how the words in your favorite songs influence the way we think about gender? Can the music we love carry hidden biases?

We're delving into the lyrical world of music to shed light on the intricate relationship between song lyrics and gender bias. Our research spans across various genres, eras, and cultures to analyze how words and themes in song lyrics can reflect and influence our perceptions of gender.

Stereotypes and discrimination are central in the public debate and previous research has shown how these attitudes are reflected in song lyrics. With this research, we aim at providing a comprehensive analysis of this issue from a culture-specific perspective, studying how this phenomena is rooted in different languages and whether or not distinct languages correlate with distinct measures of gender bias and stereotypical content in song lyrics.

Through data-driven insights and analysis, we aim to uncover the subtle nuances and patterns that often go unnoticed. Music has a significant impact on our lives and society, and we believe it's essential to understand its role in shaping our understanding of gender.

RQ1: Is there evidence of gender bias in song lyrics when considering different languages
separately and independently?

RQ2: How do these different examples of gender bias relate to one another? What are the
differences and similarities of gender biases across distinct languages?

Stay tuned to find out our answers to these research questions!

Gender Bias in Songs' Lyrics
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